Is Homeowners Insurance Cheaper For Rental Property In 2022?

Last Updated: February 1, 2022

Is homeowners insurance cheaper for rental property? Landlords should expect to pay 20 percent to 30 percent more for insurance than homeowners. Because insurance companies are more likely to get claims from temporary tenants than from homeowners, it seems sense to charge more for landlord insurance.

If you want to protect your home and personal belongings from any types of financial losses and damages, get house insurance quotes in SD. It is best to get it if you live in South Dakota. The policy also covers the protection of your garage, gazebo, and other structures of your property. 

house insurance quote

A standard home insurance policy protects your home from events like riots, theft, or fire. But if you want additional coverages such as liability, and medical payments, it is possible too. According to ValuePenguin, the rates can go as low as $580 for a year of coverage on a typical home in SD. A home is everybody’s most valuable asset, so it is best to have a safe and secure future. Most future events are unpredictable and mishaps may happen at any time. So, the best plan is to get house insurance quotes in SD for reimbursement in case of accidents and damages. Moreover, learn more about is renters insurance cheaper than homeowners insurance.


is homeowners insurance cheaper for rental property

Coverages to consider for homeowners insurance for rental property

Guest house insurance quote

House insurance quote in SD usually consists of coverages for your property and other structures in your area. It can include shed, barn, fence, garage, etc. The standard coverage foe detached structures is 10% of the total amount of your home insurance.

Additional Living Expenses Homeowners Insurance Quote for rental property

Additional Living Expenses House Insurance Quote in SD is the like of insurance policy which is useful when the condition of your house is good for living. For example, if there is a major structural damage in your house because of fire or other events, it is not possible to live there. So, this insurance quote will compensate for the damage and living expenses.

But remember to keep all the necessary bills and payments as proof.

Guest Medical Payments

The standard homeowners insurance refers to the coverage that also includes your guests. Let’s suppose somebody get injured inside your house without your fault because of broken windows or anything that is not safe, the insurance will cover him/her. The coverage can be both partial or full as per the plan you choose.



Dwelling is the coverage for you home to understand in a simple language. For example, if your house catches fire and it causes structural damage during the time of coverage, the standard home insurance will reimburse for it. But bear in mind that it will not cover for the damages caused by earthquakes, floods, or others if it is not in the plan. However, if your windows get shattered because of heavy rain or hailstorm, the standard coverage includes the reimbursement of the windows.

On the other hand, if an earthquake damages the pillars of your house, the policy will only provide compensation if it is a part of the policy plan. If earthquake was not the part of your risks, the insurance carrier will not compensate. So, it is clear now that the policy only covers for the damages that is in your policy plan else you will pay from your pocket.

Personal Property and Rental Property in Homeowners Insurance

Personal property basically means the property you own inside your house. This insurance policy will cover for the damages for the property you own. It can be your furniture, electronics, or others. If your properties faces damage, this policy will cover. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is home insurance more expensive for a rental property?

When compared to a regular homeowners policy, a landlord might expect to pay up to 20% extra for a basic landlord insurance policy.

Q. Does my homeowners insurance change if I rent my house?

You’ll almost certainly need to switch your homeowners insurance to residential property insurance if you sign a lease with a tenant. Because you are no longer residing at the home, your insurance requirements have changed.

Q. What type of insurance do I need if I’m renting out my home?

You’ll need landlord insurance if you’re renting out your home for an extended period of time.

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